Engsane - Contempory Artist 

Artist John Engen a.k.a. Engsane

Artist John Engen, a.k.a. Engsane, has a B.A. in Studio Arts from San Diego State University focusing on painting, printmaking, and digital fine art. He has decades of experience painting in the mediums of oil and acrylic, and creating artwork in printmaking and digital art. His first digital piece was created and published in 1982 and he was one of two digital artists to have exhibited prints for the first time in the San Diego Museum of Art Exhibition. He has over 700 works of original art that he incorporates into his mosaic compositions. He is considered one of the foremost artists working in digital mosaic portraiture. 


The strength of Engsane’s mosaic artwork comes from a diversity of themes that show his breadth and depth of creative skills in various mediums. His different series which make up the mosaics are based on his dynamic explorations instead of representing one subject matter in a static linear dimension.


All artwork is available for purchase as an original one of a kind NFT on OpenSea Click on one of the banners in the NFT Store to view my collection or as limited edition prints on this site. For any questions concerning how to buy, email:  engsane@outlook.com

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