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Engsane - Contempory Artist 

Artist  Engsane

Artist John Engen has created a unique currency concept by using his own original artworks to form the overall mosaic image. 

John's unique interpretation of each nation’s monetary symbol is comprised of his own oil and acrylic paintings as well as his digital fine art. The diversity of themes and mediums in his unique mosaics display the breadth and depth of his creative skills.

John Engen obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences with emphasis in painting and printmaking from San Diego State University. He has studied in the Day Studio in San Francisco.

His first digital piece was published by the Sandy Apple Press in 1982. He was one of two digital artists who was chosen for the first time to exhibit digital fine art in the juried San Diego Museum of Art exhibition in 1995.  

Engsane the artist
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