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Art Knows No Barriers

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Blue Butterfly

In the era preceding modern times, art was confined to specific social and economic classes, limiting its exposure to certain privileged individuals. However, the advent of digital art has shattered these constraints, offering an inclusive avenue for those who were once excluded from the art audience.

Digital fine art possesses the unique quality of transcending not only geographical barriers but also economic, social, and institutional boundaries. It has the power to be appreciated by people diverse in location, language, and ideological perspectives. This expansive accessibility creates a broader art audience, capable of enriching and inspiring individuals on a global scale.

The ubiquity of cell phones grants anyone the ability to access digital fine art from virtually anywhere, irrespective of wealth, education, or social status. Notably, platforms like the 3-D gallery on exemplify how digital art can be easily enjoyed by anyone.

The democratization of art appreciation is further supported by those who can afford to contribute. Recognizing the significance of expanding the art audience, these individuals offer financial and promotional support to digital fine art. Their contributions play a crucial role in the pursuit of creating an egalitarian viewing space. Whether through purchases or active promotion, these conscious donors contribute to ensuring equal access to the beauty of diverse artistic perspectives.


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