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Art Knows No Barriers

Digital fine art has the attribute to cross not only geographical barriers but also economic, social, and institutional boundaries. It can be viewed and appreciated by persons as diverse in location and language as they are in ideological perspectives. It provides a wider art audience which is necessary to enrich and inspire as many persons as possible.

Historically art has been restricted to certain social and economic classes by way of its exposure. Some people have never had the opportunity to see contemporary works of art. Digital art is changing that limitation by providing an avenue for those who have been left out of the art audience.

Producing and providing for all to appreciate the beauty and different perspectives that art offers is supported by those who can afford to do so. They see the importance of expanding the art audience. Their financial and promotional support of digital fine art is a vital factor in this endeavor to create equal viewing space across all barriers. The conscious donor does their part whether it is in the form of a purchase or the form of further sharing and promoting digital fine art for all.

Anyone who holds a cell phone in their hand has the ability to view digital fine art from anywhere. Wealth, education, or status does not figure into the viewer’s ability to view my fine art gallery on This aspect of sharing is as important to me as the act of creating the art.


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